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Three Common Myths in this HOT Seller’s Market

Three common myths in this hot seller’s market: 
1) I don’t need to do any improvements to my home, it will sell quickly in the condition that it’s in.
True, you might not have to lift a finger, however, are you willing to leave extra profit on the table?
Allow me to help you determine the best home improvements to invest into, while also managing the projects.
2) The house will sell itself, the cheapest agent will do. 
Again, you are correct. Your home will likely sell quickly and over asking price. Is that agent able to make complex decisions quickly and advise you when to raise or when to hold? You want a strong negotiator on your side, an advocate who researches the nuances of all offers and determines which has the best price, terms, and highest likelihood of closing, while holding strong on inspection and appraisal items.
I will be your advisor and will walk with you every step of the way.
3) There is no inventory, where would I go? 
We are experiencing a very high buyer demand, that is certain. With the right mindset, persistence, creativity and boldness, a great agent will not only get their foot in the door, they will get you home. You have options, let me show you them all, and a clear and confident path to home.
Curious what your house would sell for and your next move? Give me a call, I would love to hear your motivations.