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Author: Campbell Mckeogh

Singletrack Dreams Aboard a Drop Bar ‘Quiver-Killing’ Hardtail [Reader Bike Check]

As we saw in our bike check with Patrick Goral in 2019, square-pegging a bike into a round-holed category can be moot. The same goes for Troy Lyon’s steel Proudfoot Resolve. Proudfoot, which is no longer making bikes, made the Resolve as a steel hardtail, capable enough for rough descents, and comfy enough for long days. Whether it’s bikepacking, singletrack riding, or gravel biking, the Resolve still seems to do the trick for riders like Troy, though it won’t be as easy to track one down anymore. Troy’s Resolve came into his hands through a friend. He had broken a crank arm on his full-suspension...

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The Needles Eye

n light of the stressful and high anxiety week you might be experiencing, I’d like to off you a few moments to escape and give your mind a reprieve. Below is a tale of my recent adventure, riding my bike home, from Winter Park to Golden Colorado, via Rollins Pass, a road used throughout history for different purposes. I hope you enjoy reading it! How’s the market? It is as hot as ever and there are no signs of it slowing down. With high buyer demand and influx of out of state migration, low-interest rates, and a market that is competitive as any of us have ever seen, you need a real...

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Do you remember that game you played as a kid, Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Well, the Denver Metro real estate market is like that more than ever! Buyers are gobbling up homes as soon as they become available. This increase in buyer demand including rising mortgage applications, is largely due to record low mortgage rates, which equates to more buying power. June was a record breaking month in many categories, most notably, pending sales. We saw an increase of 7.2% from the previous month of May on accepted contracts, and as well as 18.8% year over year with almost 5,000 homes (detached) under contract in Metro Denver! For the month of June, 7,364 new homes (attached...

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